Rare, giant botryoidal fluorite. This is a very unique fluorite. It comes from the vicinity of the famous De An Mine in Wushan, Jiangxi Province, China. You've seen the Indian botryoidal fluorite, yellow, once in a while red, maybe an inch across. But look at this!!! A huge botryoidal form, 3 inches wide, 2 inches high and 1 5/8 deep (7.5 X 5 X 4 cm). There was a very small group of these sold at Tucson this year. Some of them were up to 5 or 6 inches. You can see some others at Rob Lavinsky's site ( http://www.irocks.com/TUCSON07china1.html - while you're there you can see Da Ye calcite, then look at my example of Da Ye calcite!). Get one of these while you can. Depending on the exact color temperature of the light you use this looks purple to blue. The surface is matte. If you get some light behind it, very pretty. If it is front or top lit, not bad and very unique for the size in this form.

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