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Completely extraordinary fluorite

ex-Peter G. Seroka Mineral Collection
Xiahualing, Hunan, China

10.5 cm long, about 3 cm in diameter, this is a cylinder, apparently a stalactite/stalagmite, that was attached at one end. The other end shows terminations and the open end of a hollow tube. This perfect, hollow tube runs all the way through the length of this specimen. The specimen consists of frosted octahedrons, glassy clear inside, with second generation crystallization on their tips and  with some associated bladed calcite xtls. The crystals are octahedrons between 8 mm to 12 mm, with mate but translucent, colourless surfaces. Each tip of each octahedrons bears a second generation ( overgrowth) of very shiny, diamond-lustrous, complex hexoctahedrons ( 321 and 731, extremely rare and mostly known from descriptions . The crystals resemble very much the best known cystal drawing of fluorite from Rosie, New York, as illustrated in WHITLOCK (1910). I was fortunate enough to obtain this specimen from Peter Seroka. There are no previous reports in the world literature about such an occurrence; Peter obtained three of these. 

These two photos of the same crystal help visualize the three dimensionality of the specimen

This captures the "in-person" look of the specimen under good light

Ice Candy Land!

This photo has been enhanced to reveal more detail of the complex terminations

The whole, amazing thing, visualizing the internal tube that likely carried the fluor solution out
to the emergent tip of the stalactite!

This is backlit by sunlight, causing the tube to appear dark due to the clarity of the crystals surrounding it.
The photograph above it is backlit in my cabinet at a higher angle illuminating the inner tube.

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